Alex Miller – SEO Rockstar

My name has become synonymous with the most advanced online marketing techniques – gaining a reputation for exceptional performance with some of the industries biggest names.

I have developed many innovative techniques, recognized and purchased by SEO professional as some of the most powerful web site promotional tools available anywhere.

Outstanding Results

Many SEO consultants promise high rankings on Google, but few achieve it.

To gain maximum visibility for a web site I use my own proven SEO techniques backed by a critically tested implementation strategy.

My mission is to excel and outperform all others within an industry of average SEO performers.

Hire Me

Let me amaze you by achieving exceptional results for your web site.

With over 6 years of leading industry experience and testing, there’s probably no one who can achieve greater online results for your business.

Speak with me to discover more than you believed possible about promoting your web site in Google.

Projects & Clients That Fuel Me.

Driving customers to my clients from the search engines is what I do every single day.

Over the past couple years I’ve been fortunate to be able to work with, and be a part of, some extraordinary companies and projects.

Not only have I consulted for multi-million dollar clients, I’ve also co-founded the #1 SEO platform for Agencies – PosiRank.

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What People Say About Me

“I’ve known Alex Miller for many years and the one thing that sets him apart is his ability to drive real traffic and leads – not just clicks, but bodies that convert into revenue.

Too many marketers are driven in clicks, rankings and page views but Alex focuses solely on the end results and ensures that the cash register rings for his clients. After all, that’s all that really matters in this business.”

Jerry West, President –