I need to be sure I can achieve outstanding results for every web site I work on, so I’m necessarily selective about my new clients. To help me consider your requirements, please choose below if you would prefer me to act as your occasional Consultant or are considering a Complete SEO Campaign.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the difference I can bring to your online business and bottom line profits.

1-on-1 SEO ConsultingMost Popular

$ 1k / hr

  • 1-1 Skype Call
  • High Level SEO Consulting
  • Speak with 1 of The Best in the Industry
  • SEO Experience with 400+ sites
  • Detailed Action Plan Included
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Complete SEO Campaign(Very Limited)


Pls Enquire For More Info
  • Full-on Monthly SEO Campaign (on-page & off-page)
  • Dominate your niche, wipe out your Competitors
  • Leverage my team of over 400+
  • Work with a real SEO Expert
  • SEO experience with 400+ sites
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“I’m excited to get on the phone with you and help you drastically improve your SEO!”
Alex Miller, SEO Rockstar
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Suite 540
Austin, TX 78701


What People Say About Me

As someone who’s lived and breathed SEO in some of the toughest markets for just shy of a decade – it’s not often that I come across someone who impresses me in the world of organic traffic. (Most “experts” in this field are either one-trick-pony self-promoters, or silver-tongued, know-nothing “suits” who work for overpriced agencies who bilk Fortune 500’s out of their marketing budgets).

Alex Miller, on the other hand, makes me look like an amateur. He’s the real deal, and the numbers he’s driven for his clients (and business partners) speak for themselves. If you have the chance to work with Alex, or hire him – or whatever – just do it. This guy has transformed many businesses into million-dollar powerhouses, just from search-driven influx alone.

And he’s untouchable when it comes to getting results in today’s complex search eco-system. Pay whatever you have to, and hide him from your competitors.”

Chris Rempel, Owner – TheLazyMarketer.com